From Data to Knowledge

We utilize AI/NLP to read through unstructured data, such as live news, and understand the meaning of it, just like a human brain would. We then make connections between extracted information and related current/historical information in our proprietary knowledge graph, connecting millions of data points in real-time to generate fully automated financial analysis giving exponential revenue opportunities.

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How it Works

Homogeneous Analytics From Unstructured Data

PinAlpha’s knowledge extraction engine process billions of data points in real-time across heterogeneous sources including news, financial information, transcripts, audios and more.

Real-time Dynamic Knowledge Graph

Our AI engine then link such information to build PinAlpha’s proprietary knowledge graph which evolves over time and consists of companies, persons, locations, events and even concepts.

Uncover Hidden Connections

PinAlpha’s insights engine automatically compute impacts and exposures from millions of connections which are previously hidden to the human eye thus allowing users to find alpha.


Our application is platform agnostic

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